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Your life is more than a tax return.

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We provide individuals and couples a highly personalized and detailed approach to the preparation and filing of a federal, state and local tax returns.



With over 35 years of accounting and tax experience, we are proud to offer businesses of all sizes the services they need to meet their business goals.

Accounting Services

Everyday businesses and individuals make decisions that impact their bottom line. Financial stability is what we help clients achieve and maintain through careful analysis of a client’s financial records. As business consultants, we have ongoing dialogue about the desires, concerns and unique challenges your business experiences. Then, using technology and online software, we simplify payroll compliance and processing, bookkeeping, and cash flow management for businesses.


Serving Clients Worldwide for Over 35 Years

In just the last 10 years, True North Accounting has helped more than 2,500 clients receive over $3,750,000 in refunds from the IRS.

We have extensive experience working with small to mid-market companies, as well as advising individuals with tax-planning and preparation.

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